The Holy Spirit

Finding a greater Baptism in the Holy Spirit

The Seven Effective Power Dimensions of the Baptism of the Spirit

June 25, 2023 • John Alley

Most Pentecostals and Charismatics, let alone other believers, do not walk in much of what is available to them by a full Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Tongues is hugely important, and powerful, but the nine Gifts of the Spirit, of which Tongues are part, is only ONE of the seven dimensions of power available to all believers in the Baptism of the Spirit.  Our view has been too small. Mostly, people will get what they seek and believe for, but there is much freely available that is not connected in their belief system. Every church needs to seek God afresh, corporately, until they receive a breakthrough into greater expressions of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

A Greater Baptism Of The Holy Spirit #1

October 30, 2016 • David Alley

When a believer thinks they have already received the Holy Spirit, it quenches their hunger and they cease to receive more that God intends for them. Jesus said "Wait... and you will receive power." What happened to the waiting and tarrying that the Christians of one hundred years ago were so famous for? This message will remind you to remain hungry for God because you have not received everything yet. He wants to fill you and live through you. Let this message encourage you to seek a greater Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

A Greater Baptism Of The Holy Spirit #2

November 6, 2016 • John Alley

William Booth said, "Spiritual work can only be done by those who possess spiritual power." In this message John Alley interviews several key people at Peace in regards to their experiences of the Holy Spirit. John finished the message reading a letter written by William Booth to a church in Edinburgh Scotland, that contains great truth and encouragement applicable to us today. We need the power of God to live for God, and that power comes in the person of the Holy Spirit.

A Greater Baptism Of The Holy Spirit #3

November 13, 2016 • John Alley

John Alley carries on the current them today, beginning by interviewing 2 members of the congregation about their experience of coming into the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the effect that it had on them. Both of these people testified to the great love, the hunger for holiness, the peace and the life that accompanied the Baptism and remained. John then goes on to teach on the major 3 pillars of the baptism in the Holy Spirit: the Spirit of Power, the Spirit of Love and the Spirit of Holiness. For each of these “pillars” John introduces Scripture references to prove the point. We need to have faith for all three of these to live in us if we are to experience the full blessing of Pentecost, says John.

A Greater Baptism of the Holy Spirit #5

November 27, 2016 • John Alley • Matthew 5, Revelation 3

Once again John Alley interviews two members of the congregation about their experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, emphasizing the need to be hungry for more of the Holy Spirit while at the same time being consecrated, or fully surrendered, to God. John speaks of the way in which Jesus, although perfect, became obedient to the Father, referring also to Revelation 3 and Matthew 7. Alongside hunger, faith and waiting on God, our hearts, says John, need to want to fully obey the Lord. Once again this message is concluded with prayer and the moving of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the people.

A Greater Baptism of the Holy Spirit #6

December 4, 2016 • John Alley

Today’s message largely consists of a conversation with Ps Brian Henaway, who gives a very honest and encouraging testimony of his own conversion and subsequent baptism in the Holy Spirit, flowing on to recount several experiences encountered in walking with God. Ps Brian’s testimony, touching on several different issues including the need that we all have to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying and to be freed from ourselves and from Western self-centredness, is warmly encouraging as well as challenging to the listener. John Alley brings the message to a conclusion with an encouragement to the people to carefully consider the things mentioned.

Tongues - A Great Gift

John Alley

Once quite controversial, the gift of tongues has been often misunderstood, even despised. Yet it is one of the wonderful gifts of the Holy Spirit, and given by God for very good purposes. In this message John Alley unravels the mystery of tongues, exploring what the Bible has to say on the subject and combining this with great experience. This is an encouraging, biblical and highly motivating message. For those unsure of the authenticity and proper use of ‘tongues’, as well as those who already know the grace of the gift, this message is a must! John explains 10 biblical reasons why the gift of tongues is so useful, powerful, effective, and fruitful in Christian life, in intercession and prayer, and in service to Christ and others. These are compelling reasons why every believer needs to understand ‘tongues’ is a truly great blessing indeed.