Be Strong and Courageous, Week 6 - Vision Sunday

Sunday, February 7, 2016 • February 7, 2016 • Dale Oquist

Sunday was VISION SUNDAY at Peoples Church. Pastor Dale continued our BSAC (Be Strong and Courageous) series of messages and gave us a vivid picture of the vision that lies ahead of us for 2016 and beyond. As Joshua faced the future, he had to be wondering if God would show up for him as he did for Moses; “How will this be accomplished?” What Joshua did not know of were the miracles that were just beyond the horizon. Joshua needed the words, “BSAC” to be able to move forward in faith and obedience; the same words God is speaking to us today.

Be Strong and Courageous, Week 5 - Working on Your Core

Sunday, January 31, 2016 • January 31, 2016 • Terry Townsend

On Sunday, Terry continued our month long BSAC (Be Strong and Courageous) series of messages. He used passages from the Book of Numbers to give us some practical lessons from the life and leadership of Joshua. At the people’s request, the Lord had Moses send a representative from the 12 tribes of Israel to spy out Canaan. After exploring the land, the spies brought back a mixed report; 10 gave a negative report while just 2 (Joshua and Caleb) were positive.

Be Strong and Courageous, Week 4 - What is Your Verb of Obedience?

Sunday, January 24, 2016 • January 24, 2016 • Dale Oquist

We are in our fourth week of BSAC (Be Strong and Courageous) series of messages. The Israelites are about to enter the Promised Land. They will see a 600 year-old promise fulfilled. God has been preparing this generation to take possession of the land and begin a new chapter in Israel’s history. Yet, it will not be easy. It will take strength and courage to lay hold of the promise, the patterns that God has set for them, and lay hold of God himself. Everything that has happened up to this point in time has been orchestrated by God for this moment. The same is true for you. God has placed a specific purpose and plan on you for this season of your life. When we step out toward that purpose God works miracles on our behalf because that plan is guaranteed and secure in the Lord. It’s time to step in the Jordan!

Be Strong and Courageous, Week 3 - No Fear!

Sunday, January 17, 2016 • January 17, 2016 • Dale Oquist

We are in our third week of BSAC (Be Strong and Courageous) series of messages. Four times in the first chapter of Joshua the phrase/command “Be strong and courageous” appears. The Israelites had every reason to be afraid as they were called to cross the Jordan River and possess the Promised Land. There was the danger of the crossing itself. But that did not compare to the fortified cities and the giant type people that awaited them on the other side. Regardless, the command was the same, BSAC. On Sunday, one of the questions Dale asked was: What is your Promised Land? What is the place of victory and blessing in your life? To get there will not be a matter of “trying” to do something. It will be a matter of our faith versus the fears that we face. We must Be Strong and Courageous so we can overcome fear, doubt and discouragement.

Be Strong and Courageous, Week 2

Sunday, January 10, 2016 • January 10, 2016 • Dale Oquist

We continued our series called BSAC, which stands for the theme of Joshua chapter 1 – BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS. Joshua 1:1-9 is not a call to military service, but a call to obedience. Typically, a military commander would be given tangible goals and objectives for how to fight the battle. Here, however, God does something different: He calls Joshua to obey, to trust His every command. God is not calling His people to do something in the power of their own strength. He is calling them to obedience and trust! If Joshua does what He is told, He will prosper!

Be Strong and Courageous, Week 1

Sunday, January 3, 2016 • January 3, 2016 • Dale Oquist

We began a new series for the new year called BSAC, which stands for the theme of Joshua chapter 1 – BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS. It is going to be an encouraging and challenging word for the year ahead. In light of the battles we face and the obstacles in our way, the call is to be strong and courageous. Dale is going to take 4 weeks to unpack all that means for us. When we are done with, our hope is that God will show you the ways to believe him for greater things than ever before.