What's New?

What's New?

January 10, 2017 • Mike Ashcraft

What a way to start the new year at Overflow! Mike Ashcraft brought a challenging and encouraging message for us to slow down, to process what we really believe about things, and to set our eyes on what will truly satisfy our souls. We encourage you at the start of this semester to do just that!

Is It Worth It?

January 17, 2017 • Joey Todd

How often do we put ourselves out there? Out of our comfort zones? Into uncertain territory? Most of the "it was worth it" moments in life require us to. But often there seems to be something holding us back. Something we have to get over, let go of and just do it. Jesus called us to be on mission when he said “Go into all the World.” What would it look like for you to put yourself out there for the sake of God's mission in your dorm room, apartment, school, and city?

Broken Beginning?

January 24, 2017 • Courtney Everett

Let’s face it…we love when things are new. We love it when things are bright and shiny. But what do we do when this new year already feels out of control? How do we respond to the brokenness in our lives or the chaos we find ourselves in? It’s in these times, in these seasons when we need something truly valuable to cling to. It’s in these places in life where we need to learn to truly treasure Christ and allow God to work in the midst of it all!