Love: Part 1

A New Level of Love • April 5, 2016 • Joey Todd

God made all of us beautifully unique and different. From the beginning God has called us to love each other. Truthfully it can be pretty easy to love people who are just like us, but people who are different… maybe not so much. Then Jesus came on the scene and He took love to a whole new level. And not only did He show us how to love others, but He commanded us to love just like He did!

Love: Part 2

Love Because God Loves • April 12, 2016 • Stuart Hall

From the beginning God has called us to love each other. Jesus took loving others to a whole new level. But first and foremost we are called to love God! To love him with all that we have. And the amazing thing is that the more we love God, the more we are able to love others. Because God is love and because God loves you!

Love: Part 3

Love Takes What It Takes • April 19, 2016 • Stuart Hall

It’s funny how unique we think things are for us. The more freedom we gain, the more we think that what has always been true will be different for us! But the reality is there is “nothing new under the sun.” A new level of love takes what a new level of love takes….and it takes you loving God with all you have and loving people as yourself, which ultimately changes your life!