A Night With Mike Ashcraft

October 18, 2016 • Mike Ashcraft

It was so great to have our pastor - Mike Ashcraft - share his heart and some serious wisdom with Overflow. There really is freedom found in being you! But to be yourself, you must know yourself. This will take time and a ruthless pursuit of the truth before God…but it will be worth it all...to be exactly who God created you to be!

A Night With Katie Ridd

October 25, 2016 • Katie Ridd

The Christian life is not intended to be lived out of duty, but out of heart. And one of the great miracles of God is that when we surrender our lives to Him and place our faith in Jesus…He actually gives us a new heart from which to live! Check out this message from our good friend Katie Ridd.

A Night With Joey Todd

November 1, 2016 • Joey Todd

We loved getting to hear yet another powerful message from our friend Joey Todd. What would our lives look like if we lived them with complete confidence that God was with us? Lets all be challenged to live lives of overwhelming faith, but also be encouraged with the reality that God is for us and He is with us every step!