Think Long | Mike Ashcraft

November 27, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft

The future can be scary. The unknown of what will be can be enough reason to avoid thinking about it at all. Fear of the future can make us not want to finish things. Like why can’t I just stay in college for the rest of my life? But God knows that movement creates stability. He knows that to become who He has made us to be requires that we take steps into the future even when that step is uncertain, and here is the good news- God promises to meet us there!

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God has a plan. A plan to bring hope and healing to the world! A plan to raise people from death to life! And it’s through this plan that God saves us by His grace and for His glory, strengthens us by giving us a new heart and new spirit, and sends us out to share the Word of God empowered by the Spirit of God.

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