Overcoming Deadly Emotions

Series, Audio Only


Hurting people, hurt people • Pastor Paula White-Cain

You must identify what causes you to get angry. Do you turn and walk in another direction to avoid a person who may have wronged you. Do you harbor ill feelings toward others? How do you handle everyday irritations? Paula will take you on a personal, self-examining bible study that will allow you to take notes and journal your way to victory over the issues that cause you to blow your top!


The one word for every broken place • Pastor Paula White-Cain

This message will speak to every area of your life that is depleted, and God desires to replenish and revive each area. God can speak ONE word and change the charted course of your destiny. God has ONE word for every broken place. ONE word every dead place. ONE word for every demonic force. ONE word for all of your trouble and trauma. And that ONE word is... LIVE!

Your Friend, Judas

The purpose of enemies • Pastor Paula White-Cain

Judas' role is crucial to your life. No one has ever helped Jesus reach His divine purpose like Judas. Some of the very people that you're fighting right now are preparing you for where God is taking you. This message will teach you how your enemies can help you accomplish the will and purpose for you life.