You Have To Know God Has Something Greater!

Something Greater Book

August 8, 2019 • Pastor Paula White-Cain

If we really understood the story underneath that glory... the amazing work of an awesome God... that loved you when you were "unlovable", who sent His Son Jesus Christ, to not only redeem you but to give you a life abundant with a purpose- the enemy set up everything he could to try to make sure you believed a lie from the beginning- so you would waste your life... but before you ever got here- deeply embedded in your spirit God placed something- all working out the bigger plan and purpose for your life!! I don't know what you have been through, what you are facing… we all have our own story. I want you to know that God has Something Greater for you! He has Something Greater for your future, for your family, your health, your love, your ministry, your purpose… and I want to help you get there! God has an incredible purpose for you! In my new book- I go into detail about what I went through- some things that NOBODY knows… but it is all for God’s glory- He said “tell them Paula- show them so I can show off in their life!” God is no respecter of persons- if He did it for me, he WILL do it for you!! My journey will show you how you can get to YOUR something greater! Pre-order my new book today at somethinggreaterbook.com -coming out Oct 15th!! am very excited about this new book- It is "That Book" that talks about everything. God said, "now is the time Paula" so here we go!!! **We will be having tons of giveaways too leading up to the release date AND A STREAMING PAJAMA PARTY where I will go through parts of the book!!- and I am making it possible for EVERYONE WHO PRE-ORDERS before October to be eligible to win the awesome stuff... Just take a screenshot of your purchase from https://www.somethinggreaterbook.com STAY TUNED- I WILL BE ANNOUNCING ALL THE FUN STUFF VERY SOON!!! He created you for a purpose… your tomorrow WILL be better than your yesterday!