I Wept and Cried Over This…

Something Greater

August 13, 2019 • Pastor Paula White-Cain

Just take a second and remind the enemy- “Hey enemy, don't rejoice just yet… don't throw the party just yet… when I fall down, not if I fall down, WHEN I fall down- I WILL ARISE AGAIN!!!” I am so excited about my book Something Greater that is releasing on October 15th. God spoke to me and said, “It's time Paula…” Pre-order my new book today at somethinggreaterbook.com -coming out Oct 15th!! I am very excited about this new book- It is "That Book" that talks about everything. God said, "now is the time Paula" so here we go!!! **We will be having tons of giveaways too leading up to the release date AND A STREAMING PAJAMA PARTY where I will go through parts of the book!!- and I am making it possible for EVERYONE WHO PRE-ORDERS before October to be eligible to win the awesome stuff... Just take a screenshot of your purchase from https://www.somethinggreaterbook.com STAY TUNED- I WILL BE ANNOUNCING ALL THE FUN STUFF VERY SOON!!! He created you for a purpose… your tomorrow WILL be better than your yesterday!