Something Greater Book by Paula White-Cain

Something Greater Book

August 29, 2019 • Pastor Paula White-Cain

The idea of “Something Greater” is really the whole premise of both the purpose of my life and the purpose of this book. There is so much I want to share. I believe all of us have trials in life. We all have moments, challenges, things that we wish wouldn't happen, secrets that we keep locked away, parts of our life that we don't want to expose to the world, or those even that are closest to us. But what I wanted to give is the hope that if you desire it, with God, all things truly are possible… No matter what the situation, no matter what the circumstance, no matter what the season you’re in, you are an overcomer! There's a nothing typical about what God can do in your life. You don't serve a “typical God” you serve THE Utmost God- The God of power and miracles. The God of purpose and intention. Writing this was like moving through moments and experiences… Remember, your life doesn't just have this “structure”, your life comes with all kinds of surprises. What I am wanting to know for me and for the person that God is called to read this book, can our two lives intersect at some point?… That the things I've been through, I am hoping God can minister and bring help and hope to someone, to maybe give them a pathway, show them purpose, have an awakening, reveal something greater in them, bring them the over-arching theme of this book, which is that you are an overcomer… even in those seasons that you don't think and don't feel like it. Know that- deeply embedded in your spirit, God placed something- all working out the bigger plan and purpose for your life!! Pre-order my new book today at somethinggreaterbook.com -coming out Oct 15th!! I am very excited about this new book- It is "That Book" that talks about everything. God said, "now is the time Paula" so here we go!!! **We are having tons of giveaways too leading up to the release date AND A STREAMING PAJAMA PARTY where I will go through parts of the book!!- and I am making it possible for EVERYONE WHO PRE-ORDERS before October to be eligible to win the awesome stuff... Just take a screenshot of your purchase from https://www.somethinggreaterbook.com then go to https://paulawhite.org/somethinggreater to learn more about how to enter this awesome giveaway contest!