Clear the Clutter

L.A. Crusade

Pastor Paula White-Cain

God is a God of arrangement. God is a God of order... line upon line. Many of you are experiencing a life draining issue. Life is being stolen from you. When there's clutter, there's disarray, judgment and disorder. Clutter creates chaos. James 3:16 says where there's envy and strife, there is confusion. "Confusion" means disorder. So whenever there's clutter there disorder. Here's the problem: It opens the door to every evil work.

A Miracle of Sustainment

God has a miracle of sustainment for you! Join Paula as she talks about three miracles of sustainment, get ready because there is a shift coming to you!

God's Anointing to Sustain

You are about to have a supernatural shift! God is going to sustain you! Get ready for a prophetic Word!

003. The Characteristics of the New Nature in Christ, Part 2

A City of Destiny Podcast with Minister Victor Kercado • May 28, 2020 • Minister Victor Kercado

Minister Victor inspires and motivates you to grow deeper in Christ. In this episode, we are going to continue with what the Bible says about our new nature in Christ. Points 1-5 are in the previous episode. In this episode, Minister Victor covers: 6. We have life in Christ. 7. We have power, love and self discipline. 8. We have hope. Look for new episodes every Thursday. For more information, visit https://cityofdestiny.us