We Need Your Help In Israel!

PWM is making a difference

Paula White Ministries is committed to standing with Israel and with the families of Ein HaBesor. Please consider joining us in helping make a difference today.

We are working to help build a sports complex for the children in the community and the surrounding areas. This will include soccer fields, pickleball courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a ninja facility for the kids.

Why are we doing this? Because the kids need to play! 50% of the children in this community, 500 children right here, have been severely traumatized. And the antidote to trauma is to get kids playing, and this is where we need your help. You see, trauma brings you inward, trauma isolates you, and these children need to be able to get out and play like children should.

These children and their families need to feel a sense of normalcy in their lives, instead of always focusing on looking over their shoulders for a bomb shelter. We need your help. paulawhite.org