002. Returning

Jonathan Cain

April 5, 2020 • Jonathan Cain

Jonathan Cain shares about how he found his way back to Jesus and reignited the passion for the Lord that he once had when he was young boy.

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Machine transcription:
Hello, everybody, it's Jonathan Cain with my podcast anchored, where I share my ideas of faith, family, marriage and manhood. Today, I'd like to continue my testimony. I was blessed to raise three children and lead them to God the way my father led me. This time it was at a Lutheran Church in Petaluma, California. I met an amazing pastor and theologian clay Schmidt, who helped me with many questions regarding my walk with God and the road back and what to do about the victims of the horrible school fire that consumed 92 children and three sisters that I witnessed that day in 1958. You see, I had a hunger to know Jesus and connect with him again reconnect. I had success of family, my band journey, yet there was a deep void in my life. didn't quite know where to begin. Meaning Paula White on Southwest Airlines was a journey back. She told me she was a pastor. I asked her if it was possible to have the love of Christ the way I did it seven years old. And she assured me that, that God was calling me back. As I grew to know her, and to love her, I knew the only way to her heart was through the Lord. He had called me through her two things I told Paula, I never get married, never go to Africa. Well, God has a sense of humor, because I got married three times to Paula and Ben Africa at least seven times. One of my first visits to Africa was Ghana, where Paula was preaching at a conference for Archbishop Duncan Williams, her spiritual father. After meeting Archbishop, he knew we were in love, and that marriage was eventually going to happen. He wanted to pray and he had profits. He had many prayer warriors. I'd never been around prayer like that, where there's 35 guys all just praying in the Spirit over you. It was very, very powerful. And I realized that there was some repentance that I had to go through, and real soul searching before I was ready to marry a pastor. So I asked him, if he would baptize me in in Ghana there while I was there. And he said, If you let it, if you let me marry you, I will baptize you. So I did. And the most incredible thing happened, it was a very cool ceremony. We had probably 15 different people. They're all praying Paula was there. It was at his house. And I had just had this amazing when I went down in the water, and he blessed me. I came up, completely transformed. I felt completely changed somehow. felt a rush into my spirit. A transformation like I said, so here now is a song that was inspired from that trip to Ghana. That amazing transformation feeling that you don't have to wait your whole life for your suddenly. This is from the album what God wants to hear. rush into me. I've wasted so much time that you in my life but she knew what was yet to come. On a broken street of dreams you chose to save my soul. Phil the repairs. The healing had been precious moments. face to face, rushing to be. Archbishop Duncan Williams became my spiritual father as well in Ghana, and then of course in the states and assured me that marriage was definitely in the picture for Paula and I, and that with prayer and repentance, I would find my way he would help me back to a true fellowship with Christ. So it didn't take long. Just as a song said Russian to me We were married. We were married on prayer mountain in Ghana. And it was the most incredible experience to marry Paul of the love of my life. And her family. It was a small wedding. And we felt like we had to get married before God. And then we told the congregation of course, we came home. We got married again, in Orlando, before our friends and family. We got married one more time, at church before the congregation. So I married Paula three times, like I said, and every time it was a celebration of love and commitment to the lady that brought me back to Jesus, the lady that made my life Whole Again, the lady that spoke to the king in May, Paula, I love you. Romans two verse four says not knowing that the goodness of God leading up to repentance, Mary Paulo was my road back to repentance. She was a lady that led me back to Jesus that spoke to the king and me My fourth anchor is firmly planted. You know, I'm asked all the time about my return to discipleship and Christ. Has there been any blowback for band members or management? I'm still amazed I was the only one to thank the Lord at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies a few years back. I realized now that being a disciple of Christ, in the business of rock and roll calls for a commitment of transparency. Second Corinthians four verse six says, For God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ. You see, I've learned to bring Jesus with me as I go through my tour and onstage and off. I've openly prayed for people and laid hands on them as we do our meet and greets. That has been a fulfilling feeling to be obedient to his call for prayer during these special moments. I recently wrote a song that speaks about my return to my walk with Jesus, the return of my faith, being transparent and open to all they can see. I think the world is ready for more Jesus. And so here is a song from the self titled, like Jesus. Prepare to become Jesus. Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, we recognize the blessings have a price. Can we be ready to sacrifice to be betrayed? Your cabinet prepare to become Jesus, Jesus. Jesus. So if there's anyone out there listening that is questioning their return to their faith to their wives. with Christ, take it from me. Receiving Jesus is truly a life changing experience. There's a renewal, a restoration, you feel empowered. You feel the wisdom of the word. It's just been so different for me walking in that light, that even people in rock and roll world say, you look different. In fact, they say I look younger, and I'm flattered. If you're listening to this podcast, still questioning how can I? How can I possibly return? Our God is a good God. I can only say from my experience, consider Christ. In closing, I did some research online and found the deepest anchor in nautical construction. And it's known as a dead man's anchor buried deep. Usually horizontal beams, not unlike the ones used to make the crucifix and the cables fastened to it used to Bowie ironically called guys, and I'm not making this up, guys. So when you're deeply anchored, you die to self and live for Christ. We let things die in the flesh. We crucify our flesh, pick up our cross and follow Him. Galatians five, verse 24 says, those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. So I hope you're ready to completely empty out and let go of all the worldly desires, planted deeper anchor, follow with deeper purpose. Jonathan Cain, this concludes my podcast anchor, and I hope you're blessed. I'd like to leave you now with a song I wrote from the album more like Jesus. Love carries the cross in shadow and Trapped in hopelessness. In desperation, called out his name led me to where his mercy Ray prayed for healing for the week in ways forever grateful.