003. The Characteristics of the New Nature in Christ, Part 2

A City of Destiny Podcast with Minister Victor Kercado

May 28, 2020 • Minister Victor Kercado

Minister Victor inspires and motivates you to grow deeper in Christ. In this episode, we are going to continue with what the Bible says about our new nature in Christ. Points 1-5 are in the previous episode. In this episode, Minister Victor covers: 6. We have life in Christ. 7. We have power, love and self discipline. 8. We have hope. Look for new episodes every Thursday. For more information, visit https://cityofdestiny.us

Paula Today [#021] Triple Favor

Divine Endorsement • July 8, 2020 • Pastor Paula White Cain

This episode will teach you how you can begin to walk in supernatural divine favor. When Jesus died on the cross, when he was crucified, when he was resurrected and rose again, when you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then you have divine acceptance. You've in relationship with God through His Son. However, that does not mean you have divine endorsement. Divine endorse is the favor of God. It's when God puts his hand upon you and marks you as His own.

Calling the Nation to Prayer

We have to get a Word from God, because everything we build in our flesh will not have sustainability. May you as a believer, call your nation, call your family to prayer right now!

Episode 1 - Kingdom Citizenship

A City of Destiny Podcast • June 21, 2020 • Mike and Marsha Williams

Kingdom citizenship is the main topic on this episode with Mike and Marsh. They also talk about what motivates us and how our motives differentiates Christians from the rest of the world. Mike and Marsh also talk about the difference between protests of the Civil Right Movement and the George Floyd protests of today, and a Christians point of view of what's happening in the streets. This podcast was recorded on June 21, 2020. Mike and Marsha Always podcast is all about the love of God and how it advances us in the Kingdom of God. Contact them at mikeandmarsh@cityofdestiny.us Music clip is "As" on "Songs in the Key of Life" (1976) by Stevie Wonder.