#109 - The Church and Revival #6, His Word is His Will

March 14, 2021 • Pastor Paula White-Cain

One of Us is in Trouble. Where’s the 12?, His Word is His Will Because of who He is, holy and perfect and true, his proclamations and statues are wholly perfect and true. Psalm 19:7 There are 8 successive features in which the showbread typifies the KIND OF WILL God is looking for: 1. To make showbread, the grain has to be ground very fine. 2. To make the loaf, it must be molded. 3. After it has been molded, it has to be baked in the heat of the fire. 4. The bread has to be in order. 5. The bread must be covered by frankincense, which always signifies a type of worship in Scripture. 6. The bread has to be continually displayed before the face of God day and night. 7. A double protective crown surrounds it. (Ex. 37:10-12) 8. The bread has to be put there fresh.