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Message from Paula for the Beginning of 2018

December 28, 2017 • Pastor Paula White-Cain

I pray that you had a wonderful holiday season, but we are getting ready to approach one of the most vital important things that will happen to us; that's a new beginning. You're coming on to January 1, leaving 2017 entering into 2018 and the question is what will your 2018 look like. What will you do right now in order to say okay, by the time I hit July, by the time I hit September of 2018, this is what it's going to look like. Well, I don't have the power to do that. Absolutely you do. Because God's word is very clear. Even C. S. Lewis said when first things are first, second things are not suppressed. And, what he was saying is really based out of Matthew Chapter 6, Verse 33. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all of these other things will be added unto you. You see, God lays claim to all things that are first. The first of your time, the first of your talent, the first of your finances, the first born, the first fruit. It's the principal of first things belong to God. And, so when you honor God with first: The first hours of your day, then he takes that which normally because of the fallen state of man, would have a curse on it, and he redeems that and he says okay, now everything that you have brought to me is a first because it belongs to me. Study Leviticus Chapter 23. See, first fruits means the chief, the foremost, it's an essential, it's a fundamental. Well, what does essential and fundamental mean? It means it's foundational. So, nothing can be built without a foundation. The Bible says in Psalm Chapter 11, Verse 6, it says what shall the righteous do if the foundation be destroyed. So, without first things being first, without first fruits, you see there are many different things when you talk about first fruits because there's first fruits offering; there's first fruit feast season, there's first fruit as in a first born, the first of your income. And people think like, Oh, first fruits tithe, very, very different. There mentioned the same time and I think it's about 32 times first fruit is mentioned, 32 times tithe is mentioned. Tithe is the first tenth of our gross income, but the first fruit offering is a first, which means the whole of everything. What do you mean? Well, the whole of your check, whether it's a week, whether it's a month, wherever your faith is, whether it's a day. And we honor God because we recognize that we have two calendars on the earth. We know that. There's a solar, there's the lunar, there's the Gregorian calendar. Without getting into the depth of the calendars in time, we know in the western world that our beginning, the first starts on January 1. Deuteronomy 16:16 says that during the feast season and it's not the first fruit season, but it says "We do not stand before the Lord empty handed, but we present to God and give to him all that belongs to him." So, while this is not the calendar of a first fruit season, it's the calendar of a new beginning, a new cycle, a new year for us. So, will you honor God with a first fruit offering? What is that? The whole of it. It belongs to the Lord, Jesus Christ. What happens? It also the first fruit literally means that sends a signal. So, in other words, part of being the chief, part of being the first, is it literally is sending a signal to the harvest to be released. It has a lot to do with harvest time and it's the spring and the fall harvest coming together and it releases that into your life. There is so much teaching I want to give. I've written many books on this. There's so much information that I want to get to you of understanding the principal of first. That all firsts belong to God. So, I want you to do something. I want you to click on that button right now and you to give. Do not wait, I'm telling you to give the first. What do you mean the first? Well, some of us believe God and we give an entire month's salary. Some of us give a week, some of us give a day. I'm saying where is your faith. What do you believe in God for? But is the entire, it's the whole of it. So, for many that will sew that first fruit offering of a week's salary or a day's or even a month's salary, they will give the entirety to God, honoring God with the first. I want you to also do a few things come January 1. I want you to say the first part of the day belongs to God. I want you to change your habits. I want you to recognize that whatever you do first governs what happens to the rest. So, as you honor God with the first fruit's offering, it's going to govern what happens to the rest. See, it's so much so, that it says Jesus became the first fruit of many brethren. In other words what even enables us to be part of the family of God is because Jesus sowed his life to become the first son of God to bring the family of God to him, to redeem us. There's so much teaching on first fruits, on the principal of first. But, I'm telling you, it is vitally important that you get the revelation of this right now. So, let every scale be removed from your eye and let faith arise right now and let you have ears to hear and an understanding, that you will not miss your moment. That God has set divine appointments, divine moments, divine times in the year that if we obey his principals that his word will not return void according to Isaiah Chapter 55, Verse 11, and as we walk by faith and not by sight and we honor God by putting him first, we are saying 2018 is going to be distinctly different than any other year in my life because God, I put you first. If that's you, please, again, just click on that button right there. I want to get you material. I want to get you information. It's your time that you can give. It's your time that you can sew. It's your time that you can give your first fruits offering, but along with that, I want you to put God first in everything. It's not like this, in conclusion, God first then family then career then dream or whatever. No, It's God first. God first in family, God first in career, God first in ministry, God first in finances, God first in time. So, when you put God first, when first things are first, secondary things are not suppressed. Be blessed and expect the greatest year of your life.

The 4 Areas God Is About to Move In

From October 26, 2017 - November 1, 2017

Message on the Biblical Fall Feasts of 2017

September 20, 2017 • Pastor Paula White-Cain

God is doing a sifting for those that are His true followers and will honor Him, that “have an ear to hear.” 2017 Rosh Hashanah (Trumpets) starts at sundown on September 20th. 2017 Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) starts at sundown on September 29th. 2017 Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) starts at sundown on October 4th. Send your Best Day of Atonement offering today, and I will rush to you a special Atonement message I created to teach all the blessings and benefits of this most holy season! You cannot afford to miss this opportunity! When you send in your Best Atonement Offering of $50 or more today I will send you not only the message on Atonement, but also a special booklet I created for you on this holy season! AND, I want to bless you with my recent book, “The God of Timing” that goes into detail about God’s timing, His feast seasons, and the blessing that comes from honoring him!! Sowing your sacrificial Atonement offering to God is about honoring Him as instructed- but I want to bless you when you do! For your Best Atonement offering of $100 or more, in addition to the message, the booklet, and the book, I’ll also rush to you a beautiful miniature, ornate “Ark of The Covenant” that serves as a constant reminder of all that God does in this season and His covenant with YOU! I keep mine on my desk as a constant reminder!! DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO PARTAKE IN HONORING GOD! Sow a 2017 Atonement Offering here: paulawhite.org/atonement-2017-offering

Partner in Ministry with PWM

Save souls. Transform lives. Heal hearts. • August 4, 2017 • Pastor Paula White-Cain

To give by text, send the text message "PWM" to 45777. Or click here to give to PWM: https://give.church/sr9m56h/give Hey guys, it means the word to me that you are watching today and I pray that God really spoke to you and ministered to you in some way. Maybe it touched your heart or just purpose or relationship or something that you needed God to speak to you. You know, I get letters all the time and people reaching out and saying "Thank you, Pastor Paula." I've been preaching the Gospel now for about 33 years, that's hard to believe. I'm like, "How in the world did that go that fast?" But it's people like yourself that make a difference. Sometimes I think: yes I get up and I pay that price and I've flown to over a hundred countries and I make sure that I study the Word. But the real heroes to me and the real people that make a difference are people like you that do not just received the Word, but help the Word continue to go on. And you say, how do I do that? By simply giving because it take finances to be able to take the Gospel to the world or take a word of encouragement or do anything that we do; to feed the hungry, to visit those that are in prison, to make a difference. In fact at Paula White Ministry our vision and our statement of purpose is to save souls, to transform lives, and to heal hearts and we've done that for decades. You go: Well, what kind of difference do I need to make? Is this like a $1,000.00 commitment? Actually, no, unless you want to, that would be awesome. I mean it could be just a simple dollar, $1.00; maybe it's $10.00, maybe it's $5.00, whatever, maybe it's less than your Starbucks is going to cost you today. I know you need your caffeine shot. :) Whatever it is, make a difference. You go, well, how do I do it? There's a description on the screen and it gives you either text to give, and it will tell you how to text to give or it will give you in that description, how to click on the link and give. That giving is really up to you, but one thing I do know is that one day when we stand before God, we give an account of life. And that account is what did I do with the dash between the two dates. And this giving to Paula White Ministry, I can emphatically tell you makes a difference; and not just hundreds, not just thousands, but literally millions of lives all day every day. So thank you for making a difference and I hope that I can mentor you. That I can teach you, train you, equip you, life coach you, pray for you; do all this stuff we call life together. God bless you.

Message on Acts 4

God is giving you EVIDENCE • March 20, 2017 • Paula White-Cain

After Peter and John imparted restoration and healing from God to the lame man in Acts 3, the people were astounded by what they saw. Then with boldness, they proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the temple. They were arrested and brought before the priests and elders for questioning. Just as with God’s healing of the lame man was the evidence of the authority by which Peter and John spoke, so you too will receive EVIDENCE from the Lord, your God. God is giving you EVIDENCE of His power, His favor, His presence, His blessing, and His glory in your life! What was once impotent, is now about to produce evidence. What was not bringing forth results, is now about to produce evidence. What was once lame, is now about to produce evidence. The evidence is going to give you a NEW BOLDNESS to be a witness for Jesus Christ.