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Through the monthly financial support of VIsion Partners, Patrick Weaver Ministries is able to provide life-changing online resources, tools and programs that empower thousands of individuals in over 15 countries each month to relentlessly steer their lives towards their vision, passion, and purpose. Through Project Shift, Vision Partner support helps us to stand in the gap for families in crisis and victims of domestic violence. Through mental health initiatives, emergency resources and programs that strengthen resilience and accelerate rapid and durable recovery, Patrick Weaver Ministries VIsion Partners invest in faith in action. If you are blessed by our ministry and would like to help us reach more and do more, become a Patrick Weaver Ministries Vision Partner today. Your monthly support of $20 or more, less than the cost of five cups of coffee, helps us to make a difference by being the difference. To make a one-time or recurring tax-deductible donation through our secure online giving portal, visit our Vision Partner page, and let's make an impact together for the cause of Christ.