The Truth About Angels (TV)

God’s “Triple A” Service For Believers

The Angels and You

August 18, 2019 • Dr. Robert Jeffress

Most of us would agree that angels were created for more than cloud-sitting and harp-strumming, but does anyone know what that “more” entails? And furthermore, what does the ministry of angels reveal about God’s love for you and me? Dr. Robert Jeffress answers these questions and more in his uplifting, hope-filled message, “The Angels and You.”

Touched By An Angel

August 11, 2019 • Dr. Robert Jeffress

Angels watch over Christians, no doubt, but do they have anything to offer non-believers? Find out in Dr. Robert Jeffress’ eye-opening message, “Touched By An Angel.”

The Truth About Angels

August 4, 2019 • Dr. Robert Jeffress

One recent poll suggested that 70% of Americans believe in angels. Time magazine reports that 46% of Americans believe that they have a guardian angel. What do you believe about angels? Listen as Dr. Jeffress teaches on "The Truth About Angels".