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May 28, 2018 • Philippians - Joy for the Journey

Find JOY FOR THE JOURNEY during the Book of PHILIPPIANS message series. Together, we’ll find a roadmap for living through many of life’s circumstances using one of the Apostle Paul’s recurring themes, JOY. INVITE your friends to Pathway Church during the Philippians message series. SUNDAYS IN JUNE & JULY.

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Generous, Kingdom-Minded People

Philippians 4:10-23 • July 29, 2018 • Pastor Travis Johnson

"Don’t be moderately generous. Be extravagantly, proportionately, and joyfully generous." -Pastor Travis Johnson

Finish Well

Philippians 3:12-21 • July 22, 2018 • Pastor Travis Johnson

"It doesn’t matter how you start if you don’t finish well." -Pastor Travis Johnson

Doctrine, Conflict, and Unity

Philippians 3:1-11 • July 15, 2018 • Pastor Travis Johnson

"When we’re divided, even the smallest tasks are impossible. When we are united, nothing can stand in our way." - Pastor Travis Johnson