Love Thy Neighbor

Who is My Neighbor?

March 6, 2022 • Mike Hurt • Luke 10:25–37

Through the almost tragic story of a man beaten, bruised, and left for dead, Jesus teaches us what it means to love our neighbor.

Helping the Helpless

March 13, 2022 • Mark 2:1–11

Four friends show love in action. They carried their helpless friend to Jesus and Jesus changed their friend.

Loving the Unlovable

March 20, 2022 • Mark 2:13–17

Jesus sets the standard for what it means to love and then shares a simple principle to help us know how to love everyone even the unlovable.

Forgiving the Unforgivable

March 27, 2022 • Mike Hurt • Matthew 5:43–48, Luke 6:27–36