Conflict is an Opportunity

January 24, 2021 • Mike Hurt

No one loves conflict or crisis in our relationships, but everyone lives with some level of conflict with others and this is a good thing because conflict isn't something to be feared or ignored. Conflict is an opportunity to honor God and grow in healthy relationships.

Giving and Receiving Grace

February 21, 2021 • Mike Hurt

Learning to cancel the cancel culture inside of you is all built on the grace of God in your life. Watch now and discover how you can be a person who gives and receives grace with the goal of pleasing God in every relationship.

How to Have a Tough Talk

February 14, 2021 • Mike Hurt

Discovering how to have tough talks centers on one key principle: talk to people, not about people, and seek peace and relational health. This type of talk takes prep, intentional action, and focused follow-through.

Choose to Overlook or Engage

February 7, 2021 • Mike Hurt

When you are feeling conflicted or in the middle of a conflict situation, you have two choices. You can overlook the offense or you engage the other person to find peace.