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Humility in Parenting

Parent's Summit 2018 • February 23, 2018 • Dr. Josh Straub

Josh Straub introduces us to Proverbs 22:6, and the power of humility. Mom or dad, if things are going well, remain humble! But if things are going poorly, remain humble as well. You're not that good - but you're also not that bad.

Just Breathe

February 11, 2017 • Liv Ryan

Your day might be crazy. Your kids might be crazy. Your life might be crazy. But breath. Take a deep breathe, even right now, and embrace this moment in your day.

What's More Important? Teaching Teenagers

February 11, 2017 • Dr. Kevin Leman

Teenagers are a different breed, and sometimes motivating them to do right can be tough! How do we approach the tough situation of helping them live life right, and establish the value of acting appropriately? What if they lash out or act in a way that surprises us? Dr. Leman shares some hard advice that could turn around a troubled child.

Establish Well Worn Paths

February 11, 2017 • Pastor Dave Bondeson

The concept of mind ruts is that we establish well worn paths of travel in our children's minds, so that when they're tempted to veer from the truth, they can be brought back.

The Energy to Parent on Mission

February 11, 2017 • Liv Ryan

Parenting well and on mission requires a sacrifice of energy. "Pouring this undivided love and energy into our kids is crucial in our mission to raise up men and women who love the Lord."

The 150 Year Vision for Parenting

Parent's Summit 2017 • February 11, 2017 • Dr. Josh Mulvihill

Psalm 78 points to a long, long vision for parenting - not just our children (and certainly not just until they're 18), but rather a vision for our children, our children' children and their children - 150 year of parenting legacy. What a challenge!

Let the Situation Teach

February 11, 2017 • Dr. Kevin Leman

When parenting our children, we need to respond, not react. And there are also times we need to let the situation teach our child, instead of our own knee jerk reactions. Learn from Dr. Leman about a time he choose not the major on the minors!

Why Is Family So Important?

Pastor Brian Berg

We talk about family all the time, but at the end of the day, is it really that important? Pastor Brian looks at the primary reason family is so important in this clip from the 2016 Parent's Summit.

Two Worthless Parenting Phrases

Pastor Dave Bondeson

There are a lot of unhelpful phrases when we're talking about parenting - and in particular, when we're talking about blended parenting. But two phrases in particular are absolutely worthless in getting a whole picture. Pastor Dave looks at these two phrases.

Feeling Better Trumps Loving Better

Dr. Josh Straub

Empathy vs Selfishness - when we look at the trends in the studies over the past few years, the findings are surprising. How are we raising our children to think of others before themselves? Are we thinking through the way we're developing our kids so they can step into the shoes of others?

The Product of Parenting

Pastor Brian Berg

What's the goal? Why are we raising kids and pouring into them? What's our ultimate product? Is it kids that are good members of society - who love well and live well and are well mannered? Pastor Brian says, "No!" - the ultimate product of parenting are disciples.

It Begins With Us

Dr. Josh Straub

If we want to teach our kids to treat technology well, we need to remember that it begins with us. "We cannot text and drive, and expect our kids when they turn 16 to not text and drive." It begins with us.

Parenting from Rest

February 11, 2017 • Hannah Demers

Parenting from rest? Sounds like an oxymoron! Hannah Demers shared at the 2017 Summit about how this isn't crazy, it isn't unreasonable, and really, it's what God wants for us. But it is a choice. Do we choose to parent from rest?

What Is Emotional Safety?

Dr. Josh Straub

Emotional safety is one of the most important things you can give your children - it's related to an incredible array of positive benefits for your kids. Hear from Dr. Josh Straub about the benefits and definition.

The Church and Parenting

Adoptive Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles • Dr. Josh Straub

When we feel like we have no community or no connection, we need to rely on the church - the community of faith - to build our families and into our kids. Dr. Josh Straub looks at the connections and relationship necessary to develop healthy families.