Made From Mud


The Loner

Week 4 • June 24, 2018 • Joe Stull

Being totally self-sufficient is prized in our culture, but God has designed us to live in community. God exists in community through the Trinity. He created us in community with him in the garden. It’s his original intent for us. We can’t just put our heads down, go to work, and provide for ourselves and families. We need to take the lead in engaging others together.

The Lover

Week 3 • June 17, 2018 • Nick Farr

Men are typically known as being stoic. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when dealing with others (especially our family and friends), we cannot experience the fullness of relationship as God intended without learning to show love. This week, we’ll look at one of the same scriptures as last week, but we’ll focus on how God has called us to love as he has loved the church. We display leadership when love others more than ourselves. Biblical manhood requires us to love the way Jesus loves.

The Spiritual Leader

Week 2 • June 10, 2018 • Nick Farr

Headship is often confused with dictatorship. Sometimes we have this distorted view of leadership where we have to be the one calling all of the shots and telling everyone what to do. This doesn’t just happen in the home, but can happen at work and with friends. Our servanthood is defined by Jesus (Matthew 20:16 First/Last, Mark 10:42-45 Become the servant). Chief servanthood and spiritual leadership begins at the cross. We cannot embrace our call to lead spiritually if we don’t embrace Jesus.

The Defender

Week 1 • June 3, 2018 • Nick Farr

In the beginning, man and woman were tempted by the devil. During this temptation, Adam has the opportunity to defend Eve and God’s creation. Instead of stepping into this role, Adam stood by and was silent. Men (and women) face the same temptation today–to watch the world and everything happening go by. Whether your role is employee, manager, husband, or father (or a combination of these), God has designed you to defend. How do we defend? We make the decision to show up and be present, we realize everyone has different emotional needs, and we are prepared to lead spiritually.