Open Heart - Open Doors

March 11, 2018

When God wants to make a difference, he will use a person with an open heart. This openness to God allows God to work through them. God used a man named Cornelius who had an open heart to bring forgiveness, salvation and eternal life to to all the non-Jewish people. He used Cornelius to open the heart of a man named Peter! Cornelius was a devout and godly man who consistently was generous and prayed to God. These are keys to a life open to God. The open heart of Cornelius opened the door for God’s love to spread to the nations.

A Generous Life

March 4, 2018

In Acts 20 we encounter Paul’s last words to a group of men he dearly loved. His carefully chosen words remind us of the path to a more blessed life. The best life possible begins with a relationship with Jesus. That relationship opens our heart from being greedy to being generous. A generous life is open, not constricted, and it flows from and helps us embrace God’s grace. A generous life protects us from greed which will rob us of all the good God wants for us. A generous life is discovered as we give to God and others. It is only through a generous life that we’ll discover how to be truly blessed.