Life Giving

August 27, 2017 • Nick Farr

The way of the fool or evil person will lead to a train wreck. The path of a wise person leads to life and God’s blessing. But the path of wisdom is hard and is best traveled with other wise people. We need wise people to become wise. We need to help wise people become wiser. Wise people need each other. That’s why we have to do life together. We need to be connected to people who are life giving and to whom we can give life.

Wise Love

August 20, 2017

Wise people own their own problems and listen to wisdom to get help to become better and wiser. Fools try to put their problems on you so you’ll own their problem. Wise love sets boundaries to insure that the real owner of the problem has to deal with the problem. The Bible teaches us to be responsible TO others to provide appropriate help while remembering that we are responsible FOR ourselves. Love helps another person with a burden that’s too heavy for them to bear. But it doesn’t try to take on the daily responsibilities of life or what the Bible calls the “load.” It is all about proper ownership. Who owns the problem? Wise love will set a boundary while still loving a foolish person.


August 13, 2017

The Bible over and over communicates God’s desire that we pursue wisdom. Wisdom gives life to the wise and thus they will experience the blessing of God. It is the wise who are able to live in the light and truth of God and apply God’s wisdom into their lives and experience godly transformation. Wise people listen to feedback and will take responsibility for their actions. We need to be wise and we need wise people in our lives to help us be wise.

Fools & Evil

August 6, 2017

The Bible teaches us that there are three kinds of people who respond differently when they are presented with the truth. The evil person will reject the truth and tries to destroy the messenger. The fool tries to adjust the truth to fit their way of life. The wise person listens to the truth and lets the truth transform how they live. We must learn to identify the kind of person we are dealing with and respond accordingly. And most of all, we need to move from evil and foolishness and embrace wisdom ourselves.