All In 2018


Say "Yes!"

February 25, 2018

Jesus tells a story that is intended to shock us. The gist of the parable is that it is not enough to say yes to God, but then not really show up! God is calling us to be all in. God doesn’t want us to just browse the aisles of faith, but he wants us to be buyer who puts our money and lives on the counter. Ideas and ideals of faith can be interesting to discuss, but Jesus wants us to actually sit at the table of God and engage with him. Jesus is saying that following him is an all in commitment. Jesus invites us to the table, but don’t say “yes” and then stand outside. Don’t make excuses. Don’t let other things fool you as being more urgent. Say “yes” and be all in.

Moved To Action

February 18, 2018

Jesus is calling humble people who know grace and forgiveness to take risks to live out a life of faith. That is a high and hard calling. We see it in a woman described in Luke 7. It all starts with God’s grace. We are aware of how much we are forgiven. That creates a deep faith. That faith is what saves us. And real faith shows itself in the acts of love and service. May we let such a great love move us to love and action.