Making Room


Lent 2018

February 14, 2018 • Joe Stull

Fasting can easily become ritualistic and a burden of religious requirement. Often we don’t even know how to fast or why. But once we understand why and how to fast, the question is no longer what are we going to fast, but what are we going to replace it with? By removing the distractions in our lives and replacing them with one of the four spiritual activities, we have an opportunity to make the room needed for God to do a transformative work in our lives.

Talking & Listening

February 11, 2018 • Nick Farr

Prayer is often a one way conversation with requests about health, financial, and future concerns. The lists that come out of our hearts crowd out the ability for us to listen. Practicing intentional prayer is crucial to our transformation.

Bible Reflection

February 4, 2018 • Nick Farr

The life of a believer experiences ups and downs. During the process of life, we need a strong foundation to ensure our success. Jesus is reason for life change. In order to remain strong in our faith and continue to grow as a believer, we must develop the practice of listening to God’s Word. Reading and listening to the Bible allows the Holy Spirit to transform us from where we were to where God wants to take us.

Put The Brakes On

January 28, 2018

We fill our lives which leaves too little time or energy for God. God made us pause and rest. We need to put the brakes on and slow down enough to recharge our spiritual, physical and emotional batteries. While the Sabbath is no longer a law to follow, we need to re-learn the sabbath principle. The sabbath principle is about making time for God on a daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly basis. It is in these times what we allow God to refresh us and grow us for the work he has us to do. So we must develop and engage a series of sabbaths that keep us open to God and refreshed for his purposes.

Crowded & Busy

January 21, 2018

God wants to transform us to become more and more like Jesus. We want to be more and more like Jesus! But we’ve filled our lives with tasks, obligations, activity, stuff, noise, busyness and even people to the point that we’ve left little room for God. Only God can bring transformation and change and that means we need to make more room for God in our lives. We will look at four vital spiritual practices that help us move from just trying to be like Jesus to training to be like Jesus. These practices help us make more room for God.