Church - Reverse The Curse

Week 5

May 6, 2018

The church has a reputation as being judgmental and hypocritical. We are viewed as seeing ourselves as “better than thou.” Forever, religious people have both judged and avoided the prostitutes, bums, addicts, homosexuals, the rude, the unclean, the drunk, the poor and the list goes on. It was these people that Jesus had a reputation for hanging out with! It is time to lose our religion that fosters hate, judgement and hypocrisy and replace it with the love of Jesus. It is time to admit that we have failed to love as Jesus loves. It’s time to declare that we have not been the church Jesus intended us to be. It’s time to reverse the curse of having pushed God aside and taking his role as judge. It is time repent of our sinful religious attitudes and approaches and replace them with love.

Don't Buy The Lies

April 29, 2018

The story of Adam and Eve is our story. We too choose to buy the lies of the ancient serpent that God is not enough to provide enough of what we need. So in mistrust we push God out and take over. It is not a pretty picture. We rejected God’s primary control in our lives and we now live in a world of want. We are never satisfied. We seek to fill the emptiness with things that will never fill us. Sometimes we even try to find satisfaction in religion. In religion we are forever trying to be good and only come up short and the guilt and shame grows and we feel the condemnation. The curse is reversed only in Jesus. In Jesus, there is now no condemnation (Rom. 8:1). In Jesus we re-discover that God is enough to make us more than enough.

Do Not Judge...Period

April 22, 2018 • Roger Blumenthal

We can’t overstate the antithesis of love with religion and judgment. Religion and judgement are intimate partners that destroy love. When we take God’s role of determining what is good and evil then we can’t help but create a system of right and wrong and rituals or religion. Then we impose our religion on others and judge if they are good or evil. All of this will snuff out love, which was the eternal goal of God.

We Became The Center

April 15, 2018

Adam and Eve sinned by eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that was in the center of the Paradise. When they ate the forbidden fruit (as we still do today), they sought to take the place of God to judge good and evil and take the center position of acting like God. That is our problem today. We are tempted to take the place that only God can take. And we are terrible judges. The real tragedy occurs because as we take this position of judge it makes it nearly impossible to love God and love like God – the very purpose for which we were created.