Lenten Worship & Dramas

Holy Week | Maundy Thursday

The Centurion • April 9, 2020

On Maundy Thursday we are reminded of Jesus' new command to "Love one another just as Jesus loves us." Tonight we hear from the Centurion who was in charge of crucifying Jesus.

Lenten Worship | The Thief on the Cross

April 1, 2020

The Voice of God Drama Series. Hear the word of God come alive. We end our drama series listening to the thief who hung on the cross next to Jesus. Listen in on the conversation he has with Jesus as his life comes to an end. "O God, I hurt...The pain is killing me...My hands...My legs...My feet ...O God, I want to die."

Lenten Service | Barabbas

March 25 | Barabbas • March 25, 2020

The Voice of God Drama Series. Hear the word of God come alive. On March 25, we hear from Barabbas, the one who was set free instead of Jesus. Listen as Barabbas says, "Ha! I can't believe I'm free! It's unbelievable! What could have happened? Why would Pilate let me go free? It's proof that God wants the revolution to continue! The God of Abraham has delivered me so that I might continue to drive the Romans out of Palestine."

Lenten Service | Pilate

March 18 • March 18, 2020

We hear Pilate's thoughts before he encounters God... I used my authority to maintain the peace. One man's life is not too great a sacrifice if it will keep peace. Who was this Jesus anyway...the one who was called the king of the Jews?