Resident Aliens

Rankin Wilbourne

March 12, 2017 • 1 Peter 1:1-2

*The statistics about the Post-Christian west and summary of its defining characteristics are from 'Everyday Church' by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis. The story from Skye Jethani about the cellist of Sarajevo was from Jon Tyson’s book, 'Creative Minority,' which was also quoted in the sermon.

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5 Things to Consider: 1. Judge Not 2. Be Gracious and Humble 3. Do Not Compromise 4. Do Not Fear 5. Practice Empathy ---- 4 Practical Applications: 1. Make sure you have your allegiances in order. 2. Write a letter. 3. Do not give into the easy choice of cynicism. 4. Find a person who has a different political perspective than you and listen to them, break break, pray together.

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