Plenteous Redemption

Understanding The Redemption That Is In Christ Jesus

01 - The Heart of the Redeemer

How God Stopped At Nothing To Have You • Jordan D. Gash

In this message, Jordan explains the heart behind our redemption. You'll learn what redemption is and how there is real redemption found today in Christ Jesus that can powerfully affect our daily lives. You will be encouraged as you listen!

02 - We Must Not Forget

How Remembering God Impacts Your Future • Jordan D. Gash

In this message, Pastor Jordan shows from God's Word the mindset necessary to experience the fullness of our God-given destinies. "We Must Not Forget" will stir your faith and your expectancy for the days ahead.

03 - Look Back, Look Forward

How God's Blessing Impacts Every Area Of Our Lives • Jordan D. Gash

In this message, Pastor Jordan explains the importance of understanding our new spiritual identity that has been brought about through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus and how acting in faith on this new identity brings the power of it into every area of our lives. Now, as believers in Jesus, we are redeemed and, as a result, our future is blessed!