The Purpose And Power Of The Local Church

01 - Ever Growing, Ever Reaching

PLANTED • January 8, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash

Jesus came to RESTORE our lives by restoring our relationship with God. This restoration power is real and it brings us to a place of divine strength. In this message, you will see that God's desire for your life is that you be strong, like a flourishing & fruitful tree. This theme in God's Word is directly connected to our mission and vision as a local church. We're here to preach Jesus and His message of grace that restores, strengthens and brings great fruitfulness to us and through us to the world around us. #planted

02 - Three Benefits Of The Local Church

PLANTED • January 15, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash

Often times, the world around you wants to pull you down, but your Heavenly Father desires that you be built up! God's intention for the local church is that it be a place where we are continually built up in order to live a strong and fruitful Christian life. In this message you will learn 3 benefits you receive by being PLANTED in a local church. #planted

03 - Stronger Together

PLANTED • January 22, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash

God sees our true value and He wants us to see it too! He also desires that we see the value He has place on our brothers and sisters in Christ and that we show them the kind of love that God has shown us. In this message, you will be reminded that there are no insignificant members in God's family and that Jesus taught us by example how to lift and bless those who are around us. #planted

04 - By Love Serve One Another

PLANTED • January 22, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash

God desires that you flourish and that you be strong in life! One of the benefits of being PLANTED in a good local church is the opportunity that we have to love and serve the family of God. This brings blessings to others and to our own lives as well. In this message, you will learn from God's Word the key to living a fulfilled, happy and blessed life. #planted

05 - A Force For Good

PLANTED • January 29, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash

God's intention is that we be a force for good in our generation! God's mercy and grace came to us with life transforming power and now, as new creations in Christ, we have the ability to shine like bright lights in the world by doing the good works of our Heavenly Father. #planted

06 - Zealous For Good Works

PLANTED • January 29, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash

Jesus said that we are the light of the world and that when we do the good works of our Father, we are shining in our generation. In this message, Pastor Jordan teaches on the importance of living a life of good works and he shares 3 attitudes of heart we must have while we're doing good.

07 - Reaching The Next Generation

PLANTED • February 5, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash

God's desire is that we pass on the things we've come to know about Him to the next generation. We want those that follow us to know that God is good and that He is faithful! In this message, Pastor Jordan talks about the importance of seeing our children, grandchildren and the children of our church through God's eyes. We hope that you will be encouraged to leave a legacy of FAITH to the next generation! #planted

08 - Leaving A Legacy Of Faith

PLANTED • February 5, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash

We want the generations that come after us to know God, to have faith in Him and to set their hope in His Word! Like Abraham and others in the Bible, we can leave a legacy of faith to our children and grandchildren. In this message, you will be encouraged to see the next generation through God's eyes and to pass on a genuine faith to those that come after you. #planted

09 - The Ever Growing Life

PLANTED • July 16, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash

You weren't created for an ordinary life! If you're a follower of Jesus, God's desire is that you would ever GROW spiritually becoming more and more fruitful in every area of your life. In this message, you will discover that the plan God has for our lives is a journey but it's not just about our destination. It's about the person that we become along the way! #PLANTED