Prosperity Principles

A Biblical Foundation For Prosperity

01 - Making His Word Our Foundation

Prosperity Principles • March 1, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash

A principle is a fundamental truth that becomes our foundation for life and the motivation for our beliefs and actions. God has given us principles in His Word and, as we apply them, they cause our lives to prosper. In this message, you will be encouraged to receive God's promises, to live in the power of in Christ realities and to apply God's principles to your life. Get ready! Days of prosperity are on the way. #prosper

02 - The Heart Of The Tither

Prosperity Principles • March 8, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash

Giving the tithe is an important part of God's plan for our financial prosperity but He doesn't want us to do it mechanically. We see in God's Word that He wants our heart to be in it! In this message, Pastor Jordan teaches on the heart behind our giving and he shares seven reasons for the tithe that will encourage you to expect God's power to work in your life and your finances. #prosper

03 - Understanding Stewardship

Prosperity Principles • March 15, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash

What we do today can powerfully impact what we experience tomorrow! The Lord has given much to us and that makes us what the Bible calls stewards. So, what kind of stewards will we be? In this message, Pastor Jordan explains what a steward is and he shares three attributes of a wise steward. #prosper

04 - The Force of Faithfulness

Prosperity Principles • March 22, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash

Faithfulness is a pathway that leads us to abundant blessings! The Bible teaches us that the faithful abound with blessings and experience promotion that comes from the Lord. In this teaching, Jordan Gash shares 7 marks of a faithful person and what the life of faithfulness leads to. #prosper

05 - The Secret Of Sowing

Prosperity Principles • March 29, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash

God has proven that He is the ultimate giver whose heart is in His giving! Like our Father in Heaven, we can give in faith, motivated by love and with hope to experience great increase in our future. In this message, Jordan Gash continues teaching on the Principles of Prosperity and explains the "Secret of Sowing." #prosper

06 - A Strong Work Ethic

Prosperity Principles • April 5, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash

In order to rise to our highest potential and to prosper in life, we must have the right attitude towards work. In this message, Pastor Jordan shares what the the Bible teaches concerning having a a strong work ethic and how it is an important part of God's prosperity plan for our lives. #prosper

07 - The Hand Of The Diligent

Prosperity Principles • April 12, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash

The Bible teaches us that the diligent are the ones who prosper financially and experience promotion. In this message, Pastor Jordan continues teaching on God's prosperity principles and he shares 5 things that we need to know about living a life of diligence. #prosper