July 9, 2017 • Pastor Tyler Braden

Today we celebrate and acknowledge everything God did in the lives of our students at Overflow 2017. In this message, Tyler Braden shows us that we must position our hearts to not only recognize Jesus as our Savior, but as our King.

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The Separation That Binds

May 14, 2017 • Pastor John Hobbs

We are called to move our earthly dependence to a Godly dependence. In this message, John Hobbs shows us that we are to honor our earthly parents but ween ourselves from them and root our dependence in God.

The Power of One

April 9, 2017 • Pastor John Conway

We are called to bring the hope of Christ to the world. In this message, John Conway shows that we're to be a light, show the love of Christ, and let the Holy Spirit reveal the victory we have in Christ.

Vision Sunday 2017

February 5, 2017 • Pastor Aaron Kennedy

Vision clarifies, defines, and shows us exactly who we're called to be. In this service, Aaron Kennedy unpacks the vision for Opendoor Church and shows us how we're to live into who God has called us to be.