Vision Sunday 2017

February 5, 2017 • Pastor Aaron Kennedy

Vision clarifies, defines, and shows us exactly who we're called to be. In this service, Aaron Kennedy unpacks the vision for Opendoor Church and shows us how we're to live into who God has called us to be.

Hope Has A Name

Revive Part 1 • January 14, 2018 • Pastor Aaron Kennedy

Hope is a powerful part of the life of a believer in Jesus Christ. Without hope, we can and will be shaken by every circumstance that comes our way. In this message, Pastor Aaron Kennedy shares about the power of our words and how what we say is connected to the hope we have.

The Opendoor Story

January 7, 2018 • Pastor Aaron Kennedy

In this special message, we celebrate the faithfulness of God as we prepare to move into our new building. Our Lead Pastor, Aaron Kennedy, reminds us of some of the important values that have defined Opendoor Church and will continue to define the kind of church we're called to be.

Grace Is More Than You Know

December 31, 2017 • Pastor Greg Kennedy

The topic of grace is a vital one. It is central to belief in Jesus Christ. In this message, Pastor Greg Kennedy shares about the importance of realizing the power of grace and it's importance in our life.