Thy Kingdom Come

OCT 2018

"Kingdom Responsibility"

Thy Kingdom Come Part 3 • October 28, 2018 • Pastor Aaron Kennedy

What God gives us, He intends for us to steward well. This is an incredible responsibility. It requires faithfulness and results in blessing. In this message Pastor Aaron Kennedy shares about each of our responsibility to be faithful with what God gives us.

"Kingdom Priority"

Thy Kingdom Come Part 2 • October 21, 2018 • Pastor Aaron Kennedy

How we steward the resources we have reveals what we value most in life. Trusting God with our time, talents, and money is a vital part of living like eternity matters. In this message, Pastor Aaron Kennedy unpacks the power of giving God our first, not just what we think is our best.

"Kingdom Culture"

Thy Kingdom Come Part 1 • October 14, 2018 • Pastor Aaron Kennedy

In a culture that is increasingly self-focused, what does it mean to live according to God’s Kingdom? If we were really honest, we all want our lives to matter—to make a lasting impact. The truth is that investing in God’s Kingdom is the single greatest impact we’ll ever make. In this message, Pastor Aaron Kennedy unpacks the difference living with God's Kingdom in mind makes in our lives.