Easter at Opendoor

APR 2019

"Easter Service"

Easter at Opendoor Part 2 • April 21, 2019 • Pastor Aaron Kennedy

Without Christ's death and resurrection, we would not have victory over sin and death. Through Him we have redemption. In this message, Pastor Aaron Kennedy shares the eternal hope we have in Jesus and the reason we celebrate Easter.

"Maundy Service"

Easter at Opendoor Part 1 • April 18, 2019 • Pastor Aaron Kennedy

Maundy is a Latin word similar to "mandate", meaning commandment, and is important to the history of the church. On the Thursday before Easter, we remember the new command Jesus gave at the Last Supper calling us to love one another as he taught about communion and serving others. In this Maundy Service, Pastor Aaron Kennedy reflects on the final days as Jesus journeyed to the cross.