"The Journey"

The Promise Part 1

July 15, 2018 • Pastor Greg Kennedy

One of the most significant moments in the Bible happened when the Holy Spirit, promised by Jesus, came and empowered ordinary men and women to do the extraordinary. The Holy Spirit was the catalyst that birthed the Church, and if we let Him, He can change our life. In this message, Pastor Greg Kennedy shares about the journey of walking with the Holy Spirit.

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"The Beauty of Spiritual Language"

The Promise Part 7 • August 26, 2018 • Pastor Aaron Kennedy

One of the most misunderstood, yet powerful aspects of our relationship with the Holy Spirit is the issue of speaking in tongues. In this message, Pastor Aaron Kennedy addresses the confusion and shares what the Bible has to say about the beauty of praying and singing in the Spirit.

"Set Sail"

The Promise Part 6 • August 19, 2018 • Pastor Jimmy Witcher

Cultivating a relationship with the Holy Spirit is not complicated, but is essential to live the life of blessing He's called us to live. In this message, Pastor Jimmy Witcher, Senior Pastor of Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo, Texas, shares how we can recognize if we're truly resting in the power of the Holy Spirit or if we're still struggling in our own effort.

"His Gifts"

The Promise Part 5 • August 12, 2018 • Pastor Aaron Kennedy

Spiritual gifts are given by God to help us fulfill His purpose in our life. It's important to discover more about those gifts and how the Holy Spirit operates through them. In this message, Pastor Aaron Kennedy shares about the different types of gifts and how God can use them in our life.