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The Solution

May 1, 2022 • Carlo Serrano • Philemon

If family and friendship division weren’t enough, we live in a culture that is divided across political, racial, and socio-cultural lines. Things may have been worse in the past, but we’ve never seen such division in our lifetime. We have a division problem, but what is the solution? Big Idea: It’s never too late to give someone a second chance

The Problem

April 24, 2022 • Carlo Serrano • Philemon

As Christ-followers, we belong to a big family called the church. That means that what we have in common is greater than anything else. We may disagree on issues, but the fact that we share this planet means something. We’re part of the family called the human race. No matter what our opinions are today, the things that divide us diminish when we focus on what really matters. Big Idea: What divides us diminishes when we focus on family.