Focus on One

April 10, 2022 • Carlo Serrano • Nehemiah 5, Nehemiah 6

There are over 208,000 people in Montgomery County, TN. According to some researchers, over 80% of those people are not engaged in the life of a local church. At http://onechurch.tv, our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. That means those 208,000 people are our reason for existing. However, that task can seem overwhelming if we focus on the size and scope of the mission. What should you do when the task seems overwhelming? BIG IDEA: Everything changes when you focus on “one”.

Overcoming Discouragement

April 3, 2022 • Chris Edmondson • Nehemiah 4:1–18

Anytime we start to follow God and His purpose, you will be met by criticism and discouragement. When that happens, the best thing for us to do is to pray, remember, and revise the plan–knowing that God planted this purpose in us. BIG IDEA: Prayer prepares and positions me to respond appropriately to my critics.

Start Where You Live

March 27, 2022 • Chris Edmondson • Nehemiah 3

When problems become our passion, we discover God’s purpose for our lives. And if your purpose is part of God’s plan? There will be more risks, and more questions than answers. It will involve physical sacrifice and all of us doing our part to further God’s kingdom. When we sacrifice some of our treasures, it allows Him to stir our hearts towards the path to spiritual renewal. BIG IDEA: This wall won’t build itself, so build what’s in front of you.


March 20, 2022 • Chris Edmondson • Nehemiah 2:11–20

When problems become our passion, we discover God’s purpose for our lives. But when is the right time to start talking about what’s burning within your heart? When it’s time to talk about the purpose God has birthed in you, you should be able to answer these four questions clearly: the problem, the solution, the reason and the timing. BIG IDEA: If God is planting a passion and a purpose in your heart? Dwell don’t tell.

Right Place, Right Time

March 13, 2022 • Chris Edmondson • Nehemiah 2:1–10, Nehemiah 1:11

The story of Nehemiah moves from prayer to planning. Nehemiah’s heart was broken by the news that Jerusalem still lay in ruins, over 100 years after its destruction. After praying, Nehemiah brings to the king his plan to rebuild the city walls. Having a vision builds our faith and serves as a constant reminder of our dependency on God. But it will take some courage and discomfort on your part. BIG IDEA: God uses your experiences to prepare you for His purpose, but it will take courage.

If This Is It?

March 6, 2022 • Chris Edmondson • Nehemiah 1, 2 Chronicles 36:18–23, Luke 15:7

The book of Nehemiah is not actually about people rebuilding walls; it’s about God rebuilding people. Sometimes we need to zoom out to get the bigger picture on what God is doing in and all around us. BIG IDEA: If it breaks your heart, be a part of fixing it.