The Problem of Church

Who Needs the Church?

February 26, 2023 • Carlo Serrano • 1 Corinthians 1

There are many who, when they think about the church, say, “Who needs it?” As we’ve learned in this series, so many have a problem with the Church because the Church has not always done the best job representing Jesus. Because of this hypocrisy and mismanagement, an entire generation chooses to deconstruct, disaffiliate, and disavow. For them: The Church is just another philosophy. One can take it or leave it if it's just another philosophy. However... THE BIG IDEA: The Church is a force, not a philosophy.

What about Hypocrites?

February 19, 2023 • Carlo Serrano • John 20:19–27, John 8:1–11

Some of you have stayed away from church for a long time because you cannot stand the hypocrisy. We get it. However, more often than not, those feelings flow from the flaw of believing that the Church should have it all together. The Church is just a bunch of imperfect people who a perfect God is perfecting. That is what makes the church beautiful. THE BIG IDEA: The Church isn’t perfect; it’s chosen.

More Bad than Good?

February 12, 2023 • Carlo Serrano • 1 Peter 2:4–12

One of the biggest questions or misconceptions about the church is that the church has done more harm than good. Some say, “just do away with God altogether.” In fairness, a lot of evil throughout history has been done in the name of the Church, Jesus, and the Christian God (The Spanish inquisition, elements of the Crusades, the slave trade, war, etc.). However, what if we told you that the church had accomplished more good than bad throughout history? What if we could change how people view the church by returning to “who” the church should be? THE BIG IDEA: The Church is a people, not a place or political position.

Who is the Church For?

February 5, 2023 • Chris Edmondson, Jimmy Lancaster • Luke 15:1–6, Acts 1:8

Most people don't have a problem with God. After all, plenty of people show up for church on Christmas and Easter. But unfortunately people do have a problem with the church. As you read through the accounts of Jesus' life you can't escape this simple but often overlooked question, Why would Jesus spend so much time with religious outsiders? As we explore Luke 15 to find the answer to this question, we'll uncover the driving force behind our church's past, present and future direction. THE BIG IDEA: The church is for everyone—insiders and outsiders.