Stories That Change Everything

Parables & Stories of Jesus


July 10, 2022 • Chris Edmondson • Matthew 18:21–35, Hebrews 12:15, Matthew 6:14–15, Matthew 5:44, 1 Corinthians 13:5

We all want forgiveness, but we're not always eager to give it out. And for some of us, there are some very big hurts that have a grip on our lives. Even the very memory of those things brings up the emotions as fresh as they were when they were new. So how do you move on? How do you push past something where you can finally release it? BIG IDEA: When we don’t forgive, it poisons us and poisons our relationships.


July 3, 2022 • Carlo Serrano • Luke 14:1–11

Christianity is not a merit system–we are saved by grace through faith. Jesus tells a story about a religious fanatic and the Messy Christian. As we will see, if you compare yourself to others, you will always find someone you think you are doing better than. But when we compare yourself to Jesus? You will find yourself humbled quickly. BIG IDEA: Humility is all about who you are looking at.

A Life Well Built

June 26, 2022 • Chris Edmondson • Matthew 7:24–27, John 16:33

Many Christians are like poor photographs—overexposed and under-developed. They’ve had plenty of exposure to the light of God’s Word. Yet what difference has it made in their lives? THE BIG IDEA: Spiritual depth is not measured by IQ but, “I do.”

Blind Bart

June 19, 2022 • Jeff Bent • Mark 10:46–52

People are all around us crying out for help. But do we even hear them? Do we even notice their needs? Or do we mistake their gestures for something else?


June 12, 2022 • CJ Gonzalez • Luke 10:25–37

Jesus told us to love our neighbors as ourselves. But that’s easier said than done. Which people qualify as neighbors, and which don’t? How far does our responsibility to others extend? If we make the effort to move toward the messes in other people’s lives, how inconvenient is too inconvenient? How unsafe is too unsafe? How dangerous is too dangerous? What are the limits to loving others as we love ourselves? THE BIG IDEA: God cares more about their eternity than your need to be right.

The Hired & the Humbled

June 5, 2022 • Kim Edmondson • Matthew 20:1–16, Romans 6:23

Many times, when we look at how God shows grace to others and compare ourselves, we can think that God is unfair or unjust. But is He? Grace is never fair or just. God showing grace is just a gift. THE BIG IDEA: Grace isn’t fair or just, grace is a gift.


May 29, 2022 • Chris Edmondson • Luke 15

As you read through the accounts of Jesus' life you can't escape this simple but often overlooked question, Why would Jesus spend so much time with people who were clearly not God fearing to the neglect of the more religious? As we explore Luke 15 to find the answer to this question, we'll uncover the driving force behind our church's past, present and future direction. BIG IDEA: Why did Jesus hang out with People who were nothing like Him?