Father's Day - Honor

HONOR! Nothing Less

June 18, 2017 • Pastor Al & Jinny Force

Living On Purpose - WEEK 3

Why Me? • October 15, 2017 • Pastor Al Force

Acts 16: 16 Why do we allow what’s temporary to impact what matters! Your Joy Matters, Your Peace Matters, Your Life Matters! IF we are going to live on Purpose then we have to realize that our purpose is greater than what we are going thru right now! Your circumstance right now is not greater than your Purpose! If you are in a Crisis right now or you are always in a Crisis and Crisis is all around you, then you have to focus on what’s greater than your CRISIS! Sometimes we go thru something in order to get To something! Observations From Acts 16 1. Living on Purpose does not mean you will know in advance what you will go thru! 2. Living on Purpose does NOT mean you will not be annoyed! SIMPLE TRUTH: When you get annoyed by where you are, it’s your response that changes everything! 3. Living on Purpose means my response is GREATER! 4. Living on Purpose means my Suddenly will impact the people around me! Living on Purpose means My Response is Greater than my Circumstance!

Living On Purpose - WEEK 2

Living on Purpose Means living with a GREATER Purpose in mind! • October 8, 2017 • Pastor Al Force

ark 1:38 Are you willing to Change? He has a greater Plan! 1 Corinthians 2:9 When Change is out of your control...Check your ATTITUDE! God may be taking you thru something in order to take you to something! 1. Living on Purpose means embracing the challenge to Change the way we think! If we fail to understand the Power living in us, then we could miss the Purpose we are created for! The greatest limitation to FAITH is limited thinking! The First step to Living on Purpose is believing God has a Greater Living on Purpose Means living with a GREATER Purpose in mind!

Living On Purpose - WEEK 1

October 1, 2017 • Pastor Al Force

1 Jesus lived with a GREATER purpose in mind!! Mark 1:38 Main Idea: Living on Purpose...Means living with a GREATER Purpose in mind! Ephesians 2:10 You were created for MORE! God has MORE in store for your life! Your inability does not determine your destiny, God Does! Your insufficiency is only an opportunity for His Sufficiency! 2 Jesus Spent His Time on purpose! Living on Purpose means spending your Time on Purpose! If there are only 24 hours in a day...Spend them with a GREATER purpose in mind! Ecclesiastes 3: 1 Simple Truth: A Greater Purpose will only happen when you make time for GREATER! When I make time for GREATER, that’s when Greater will show up in my life! Jeremiah 29:11 If I am going to Live on Purpose then I must be Available for GREATER? If we fail to understand the time we have, then we could miss the time we were created for! Don’t Miss the moment! 3 JESUS understood what it meant to live with Focus! Living on purpose means living with a Greater Focus!