1. It is Finished (John 19:16-37)

September 12, 2021 • David Schrock • John 19:16–37

This Sunday we begin a new sermon series entitled, “It is Finished: Beholding the Cross of Christ from All of Scripture.” And kicking off that series we will go to climactic chapter in John’s Gospel to see what John—and Jesus—had to say about his death on the cross. Incredibly, Christ’s final declaration—It is finished!—does more than testify that Christ finished his work on earth. As we will see, it also bears witness to the finality of God’s revelation. In other words, Christ’s death on the cross not only secures our salvation; it also secures every promise that God ever made for our salvation. With literary skill and gospel hope, John shows how countless promises from God lead to the cross. And following his lead, we will take time to see the many ways John connects the Old Testament to Jesus and Jesus to the promised work of salvation that begins in the beginning. Indeed, as John’s Gospel begins in Genesis, it ends with Genesis too. Jesus death on the cross—and his burial in a Garden—promise a new creation for all those who receive his life and trust in his sacrificial death. This Sunday, we will explore John 19 and the many ways John proclaims the cross of Christ. In the weeks, to come, we will continue to behold the finished work of Christ by looking at both testaments. You can read about the sermon series here. To prepare for Sunday, take time to read John 19. Marvel at what Christ did and consider all the ways that John draws lines of connection between the cross and the covenant promises of God. Please pray for our time together, that Christ would be lifted up, and that all who behold him will trust in him and become like him. I look forward to seeing you Sunday—both at 8:30am and 11:00am. For His Glory and your joy, Pastor David -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discussion & Response Questions for John 19:16–37 1. When you think about the cross, what comes to mind? Where do you go to find passages that answer those questions? How do you understand it? 2. Why is it important to consider the cross in connection with the whole Bible? 3. In John’s gospel, what is being debated as Christ goes to the cross? How does John help answer the question of Jesus’s identity? How does Jesus' cross identify him? 4. Jesus was crucified on a Roman cross, but Scripture does not spend much time describing the physical agony. Why is that? What does Scripture describe? 5. How do the various passages of Scripture cited by John help you understand the cross? a. See Psalm 22:18 in John 19:24 b. See Psalm 69:21 in John 19:28 c. See Exodus 12:46 in John 19:36 d. See Zechariah 12:10 in John 19:37 6. How does his application of the Old Testament to the cross give you confidence in God? His promises? Christ’s work on the cross? 7. Speaking of Christ’s work. What has he finished on the cross? What does that say about the promise of salvation? What is left for you to do? (See John 19:35) 8. In a world where life seems uncertain, work is often unfinished, and Satan steals, kills, and destroys (John 10:10), what good news is offered in Jesus death (and resurrection)? 9. What else does looking at the cross do to strengthen your faith, hope, and love? Who can you tell about this good news?

3. Behold the Passover Lamb (Exodus 11-12)

September 26, 2021 • David Schrock • Exodus 12, Exodus 11, John 1:29–35

3. The Lamb of God (Exodus 12) - 11:00am

David Schrock • Exodus 12

2. On the Hill of the Lord . . . God Tests, Provides, and Blesses (Genesis 22:1-19)

September 19, 2021 • David Schrock • Genesis 22:1–19, Hebrews 11:1–19

God said what? He told his servant Abraham to go and sacrifice his son, only son, Isaac, the one whom he loved. And did he? Is that what God requires? Why would God do that? And why would Abraham obey? If the conversation about Genesis 22 is challenging, imagine how difficult the conversation between father and son was between aged Abraham and Isaac, his teenage son. As they walked for three days to the hill of the Lord: Isaac: Father, where is the sacrifice? Abraham: The Lord will provide, son. And indeed, the Lord did provide—for Abraham, Isaac, Israel, and us! In Genesis 22, we enter one of the richest passages in the Bible. Every verse says something to us about God, his demands on humanity, his provision for humanity, and the pathway of death that leads to life. Indeed, if you are feeling tried and tested and on the verge of despair and death, Genesis 22 is for you. In looking at Genesis 22 this Sunday, we not only see an incredible moment in history, we also see a picture of what Christ’s cross accomplished and how we are to carry our cross in obedience to Jesus. To prepare for Sunday, take time to read Genesis 22. Read it slow. Read it a few times. See what is there, and pray that God might speak to us this Sunday as we consider these words together. As God allows we will gather on Sunday at 8:30am and 11:00am to dig into this glorious passage. May the Lord give us faith as we behold the way he provides salvation for those who trust in him. For His Glory and your joy, Pastor David --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discussion & Response Questions for Genesis 22 1. Before this week, how have thought about this passage? Has it been a source of comfort? Concern? Something else? 2. What does it mean that God tested Abraham? How is this unique to Abraham? And how is typical of all believers? 3. What is the arrangement of the text? How does seeing the structure help you see the drama? Why is important to slow down to see the drama in Scripture? 4. What are some of types and shadows that point to Christ? How do those types help us understand Christ’s cross? 5. How do we know that the connections from Genesis 22 to Christ are legitimate? What if we don’t make those connections? What are some of New Testament texts that help us make those connections? 6. What does Genesis 22 teach us about God and his provision? 7. What does Genesis 22 teach us about the gospel? 8. How does the experience of Abraham and Christ teach us to carry our cross? What does Genesis 22 teach us about discipleship? 9. How are you being tested today? How does Genesis 22 bolster your faith? How can we pray for you?