Supernatural Renewal with His Power

Overcome stress and weariness • February 15, 2015 • Joshua Yee

Experience supernatural renewal and overcome stress and weariness: spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Resurrection Power in Your Body

Christ paid the price for your wholeness. • April 7, 2013 • Joshua Yee

How the Resurrection Power that works in your body is not just a promise but a historical reality and truth because Christ has paid the highest price for your wholeness.

Great Destiny Discovered and Empowered

Finding God's Will • August 10, 2014 • Joshua Yee

Discover your highest destiny as you seek His Heavenly Power.

Your Victorious Blessed Life

Holy Communion • August 3, 2014 • Joshua Yee

How you can live a happy, victorious, blessed life as you hunger for His Righteousness.

Your Empowering Counsel Alongside You

Holy Spirit • July 13, 2014 • Joshua Yee

How the Holy Spirit is standing alongside you to empower you beyond your natural capacity; to fulfill your GREAT destiny despite the imperfect situation.

Your Advocate in Distress

From Mourning to Comfort. • July 6, 2014 • Joshua Yee

God can take you to your UNIQUE and GREAT Destiny despite imperfect situations and set-backs.

Maximum Benefit in His Body

Care Groups. • June 15, 2014 • Joshua Yee

Get the most from the blessings God is channeling through the local church.

Extraordinary Worth in Christ

Seeing yourself the way God sees you. • May 11, 2014 • Joshua Yee

Seeing yourself the way God sees you has immense practical impact in your life, work and destiny.

Dynamic Life with His Word

The power of God's Word. • April 27, 2014 • Joshua Yee

How the Word of God is living and powerful, giving you His life, supernatural increase and success.

Flourishing Life with His Righteousness

His Righteousness in You. • April 13, 2014 • Joshua Yee

How knowing you are Righteous in Christ enables you to experience a great flourishing life.

Awesome Wonders with His Glory

Reaching Out • October 12, 2014 • Joshua Yee

Experience His Wonders and Awesome miracles as you let His glory shine through you.

E-Bible Workshop

Learning Bible Software for your devotion • April 10, 2016 • Joshua Yee

Learn to use Bible Software such as: - Olive Tree - You Version Reading the bible and also listening to reading of the scriptures.