Better Together

How to Change Your Relationship

September 29, 2019 • Doug Stewart

We often look all around us for the source of our problems. Maybe it's our coworkers, our family, or even our spouses. However, Doug encourages to redirect our focus into the mirror. In this message, we explore four practical principles that will help our relationships thrive.

Business Socks

Week 3 • September 22, 2019 • Bill Rose

Sex doesn't have to be an uncomfortable topic. As a matter of fact, God designed it! This week, we discuss the truth about sex and spiritually-healthy sexuality.

What Are We Fighting For?

Week 2 • September 15, 2019 • Bill Rose

In this message, Bill explores how God designed marriage as the primary place of discipleship, leadership, and spiritual training for your family.


September 8, 2019 • Bill Rose

Marriage is tough. When two imperfect people try to live happily ever after, something is bound to go wrong. If you’re struggling with communication, intimacy, and unresolved conflict it’s not too late. You and your spouse can be better together.