All It Takes Is All You've Got

Here For Good

Week 4 • May 6, 2018 • Bill Rose

As we conclude the OneHUNDRED series, Bill takes us back to the beginning of Oasis Church and celebrates what can happen when a group of believers go ALL IN.


Week 3 • April 29, 2018 • Bill Rose

One thing that’s evident in the book of Acts is that God is all about life change. How have you changed since beginning a relationship with Jesus?

In Awe

Week 2 • April 22, 2018 • Bill Rose

In the early days, the world was blown away by what God accomplished through the church. When the church commits to one another & shows up in each others lives, then God moves powerfully. This week Bill shares how if we want to see something awesome, then we should be someone awesome.


Week 1 • April 15, 2018 • Bill Rose

The first followers of Jesus committed themselves to God and each other. Imagine what could happen if you & I made one little change at a time. What if we truly gave our all?

Series Promo

Series begins April 15th! • April 15, 2018