Summer At Oasis


September 2, 2018 • Josh Overton

Rescue Church is an upcoming church plant launching in Durham, NC. Pastor Josh Overton shares his vision for helping people find freedom and purpose in Christ.

Facing Uncertainty

August 19, 2018 • Bill Rose

God is reliable. He provides true confidence in the midst of uncertainty. Even when everything feels like it’s in the air, you can ground yourself with God’s promises.

Double Vision

August 12, 2018 • Bill Rose

God is going to do something spectacular within the next year at Oasis. Are you ready?

Wise Toward Outsiders

July 29, 2018 • Bill Rose

At Oasis, we talk a lot about being a church that reaches “unchurched” people. What does that mean? How does this play out on Sunday morning?


July 22, 2018 • Bill Rose

If you’ve been in church for a while, the you’ve probably heard words like mission, strategy, and values. While these words are important, we find there is another word that is just as important, “culture.”

Wake Up!

July 15, 2018 • Bill Rose

All throughout the Bible there are some lesser known people who experience big wake up calls. One of those people is a young boy by the name of "Eutychus." In this message, we see that God has a wake up call for us so that we can get the most out of our lives.

Create A Life You Don't Need A Vacation From

July 8, 2018 • Doug Stewart

This week, guest speaker Doug Stewart shares with Oasis how to set up a life that you don't need to escape from.

Rest For Your Soul

July 1, 2018 • Bill Rose

We all have plans for the summer. There are people to see, places to visit, things to do... But do you have a plan to take it slow, take a siesta, and lay back? You should. In this message, Bill teaches why it's important to find rest for your soul.

What's God's Will For My Life?

June 24, 2018 • Bill Rose

Home for the summer? At that space in life where you start wondering what's next? Staring at your future and wondering, "What's God's will for me?" This message is for anyone who has asked "What should I do with my life?"