2022 Summer Guests

Pastor Ashley Keck

August 21, 2022 • Pastor Ashley Keck • John 4:3–42

In today's message Pastor Ashley Keck shares the story of "The Woman at the Well" whom she gives a name for relational purposes - Let's call her Sam (Samantha). The message keys off of a series on Sanctification that we have recently been sharing in which the question is asked, "How do people see sanctification in your life?" Pastor Ashley suggested four steps of instruction for Christians today that can motivate us from the story of the woman at the well in John 4 about living out our faith: 1) We are to be going - not waiting. 2) We are to engage - not force. 3) We are to be loving - not prejudging. 4) We are to be serving - not self-serving. We pray this message both challenges you and motivates you to live like Jesus - on mission, on point, engaging others with the love of God!

Pastor Ashley Keck

July 17, 2022 • Matthew 4:1–17

In today's message Pastor Ashley Keck takes us to the wilderness experiences of our lives. But here's the good news: We are not alone! Jesus Himself went through a wilderness experience. In fact, He started His earthly ministry in the wilderness being tempted by the Devil, but God used this experience to strengthen, equip, and empower His Divine Son for ministry. So if Jesus needed this wilderness experience, then so do we! Pastor Ashley eloquently teaches out of Matthew 4 in this message bringing forth powerful contemporary lessons for us in our times as we face the challenges of our 21st Century society. The Church is under attack. Christians are being targeted for their beliefs and values. We are in the wilderness! But God has prepared us and equipped us for such wilderness experiences. May you find strength and faith to face the challenges you are experiencing through this teaching of God's Word.

Evangelist Ernie Salinas

July 3, 2022 • Luke 5:17–26

In today's message Evangelist Ernie Salinas speaks about what it really means to be free - not just patriotically or nationally, but spiritually! May the truths shared today in this message open your heart to the wonderful promises and possibilities God has made available to you to experience His love and forgiveness and spiritual freedom!