2023 Easter


2023 Easter - Resurrection Sunday

April 9, 2023 • Pastor Mark Geer • Ephesians 2:1–5, Romans 6:3–11, Matthew 16:21, Matthew 17:22, Matthew 28:1–10

It’s Resurrection Sunday! A day of celebration and rejoicing in the resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ.   His resurrection has secured for those who believe on Him not only the promise of eternal resurrection and life, but a spiritually empowered life in this present world. The Biblical comparisons of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection and the believer’s identity with those components in his or her own life are beautiful and powerful truths that can have influence over us every day and impact our daily living.    In today’s Easter Message Pastor Mark evaluates the words of the Angel to the women who came to the tomb that first day of the week early in the morning: “He is not here. He is risen, just as He said.” Join us as we celebrate and apply these truths to our lives as we follow the risen Savior!